Friday, February 22, 2013

Rihanna collaborates with MAC cosmetics for 'RiRi hearts MAC'

Grammy award winner Rihanna is said to e collaborating with cosmetic giant MAC for a collection called RiRi hearts MAC! This collection is to be released in different periods throughout 2013 in the form of and online release, a store release & counter release. One of the main items that’s highlighted is a lipstick which would e named RiRi Woo which is named after MAC’s famous lipstick Ruby Woo. The reason why its brought up is because it’s said to be the singer’s personal favourite!
Rihanna collaborates with MAC

This exciting news was announced on rihanna’s 25th birthday. This collection is said to comprise of a lipstick, brushes, eye shadow, blush duo and many more!

Rihanna collaborates with MAC

Are you all excited for this collection? :)

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