Thursday, July 17, 2014

Review of Amazing Brushes from eBay with Free shipping ( Dupe to Sigma Precision Kit)

 Review of Amazing Brushes from eBay with Free shipping 
(Dupe to Sigma Precision Kit)

Hey “BD beauties”!

In today’s post I’m going to review a set of 4 brushes from eBay that seem to be quite popular lately. The brushes are straight dupes to the sigma precision kit and seem to be quite a close match too. Read further for my review.

All 4 brushes together cost $2.39 with free shipping.


 My experience with these brushes

The brush I wanted the most was the round top brush to use with an under eye concealer but since it was all so cheap I got the whole set. The set includes mini versions of the face kabuki brushes that available in the market.
There is a flat top brush, a round top brush, and angled round top and a point kabuki. The handle of the brush is available in tons of variations but I chose the white handle which seems very sturdy and the barrels were very secure to the bristles, however one thing that bummed me was that the bristles weren’t tightly packed as I had expected thus it was not stiff enough for my liking. There was no major shedding at the beginning or after being washed so that’s great.

The brushes are so cheap. Where can you get such brushes for cheap as $2.39? Do check around eBay on prices of other sellers since you may find one cheaper. The free shipping wasn’t quite bad for me living in srilanka but obviously it differs country to country.
Overall I like the quality of brushes although I wouldn’t be using all the 4 brushes. I highly recommend you check them out and of course you can’t go wrong with just $2.39


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