Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Makeup tips & tricks: Making your eye shadows pop

Makeup tips & tricks: Making your eye shadows pop

Hey “BD beauties”!

Today wasn’t a day for me to review a product with having bad natural lighting and so on, I decided why not talk about some basics tricks to use when you want to optimize your eye shadows to the maximum of its ability! These could be what you already know and for some of you these might be interesting either way I’m listing down all the tips and tricks I use to make the most of my eye shadows.
I usually do these with the eye shadows that aren’t the best of quality of those that are chalky but of course you can use them with any shadows.

Priming your lids: you would already know the purpose of a primer which is to basically increase the longevity of your shadows. But keep in mind you do not need to prime with the most expensive primer in the world to achieve this. My favorite budget primer is the ELF essential primer which cost just $1 and works wonders!

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Use a base: a base isn’t necessarily a primer but instead something used to neutralize the color of your lids to make your shadows look true to color. The NYX eye shadow base in skin tone is a great product to do this; a high end product can be MAC paint pot in painterly or soft ocre. Another sort of base is cream shadows. These come in various colors and using them along with the tone of your shadows will make the colors pop better! For example using a champagne cream shadow would make your gold shadows pop better and using a white cream shadow will make your bright shadows pop better.

Foiling your shadows:  foiling is basically wetting your brushes before dipping them in the shadows. This best works with shimmery shadows or metallic shadows to bring more opacity and vibrancy to the shimmery shades. Instead of water you could also use your makeup setting spray to do this effectively.
Use your long wear concealers: using a good long wearing heavy duty concealers as an eye shadow base will definitely make your shadows pop and make them last longer. Always keep in mind when using any products before your lids, less is more.

Hope these tips and tricks helped you figure out ways to make you less pigmented shadows work better. Always keep in mind quality of shadows doesn’t come with the price tags. For example BH cosmetics have some amazingly unbelievable pigmented shadows whilst there are mac shadows that don’t perform well enough.


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