Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Review of www.chicnova.com

Hey “BD beauties”!

Few days ago I received a lovely package from chicnova.com to review a few of their items from the store. The store chicnova is already pretty famous in the blogging world amongst fashion bloggers and reviewing their website is definitely a great opportunity for me. All that said my review is always 100 % honest and I’m not paid to say this. I did try out the clothes to check their quality and also washed them once before reviewing. Read further to know more!

About Chicnova

Chicnova is a leading online fashion retailer, belonging to Hermes Holding (Hong Kong) Limited. It offers trended fashion and mix & match style fashion, aiming to deliver fast fashion to worldwide. The name ‘Chicnova’ consists of chic and nova, which directly expresses our wish: help women discover their styles to make chic star looks.

Our mission is to become a world-class fast fashion deliverer to women worldwide at affordable prices. To realize this mission, we will continually improve our products and service.

My personal experience with this site

Although I didn’t pay for the items and that they went sent to me completely free, I did notice a few things about their shipping. The items were in general packed really well and neat but the shipping took just forever! I remember almost assuming it just got in the mail when it took that long to reach me. It could have been just a one off thing but it’s never happened to me before.

Now all that aside, I genuinely think that their clothes are top quality. You know that quality is inferior if the color fades or fabric shrinks after once wash but this held up just fine. Both the pieces I choose were something I love myself and therefore was hoping that it wouldn’t get messed in the washer. The price point for the clothes on this site is a 100% worth the quality you get. The only thing I wished they had better is if they had an option of free shipping on lighter items which would be great for those who want like a chiffon blouse and don’t want to dread to pay the high shipping costs.

The site itself has a beautiful layout and is very easy to navigate and shop. Has the option of a PayPal payment gateway which is a must for online shopping.

Overall thoughts on this website is pretty positive since end of the day with online clothing stores is that you get what exactly you see on your screen at the best quality possible and I have to say chicnova has aced that aspect. Great company and Best of luck to them!

Get the Cardigan HERE
Get the Snake print harem pants HERE


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