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Kleancolor retractable waterproof lip/ eyeliner in Deep Red Reviews, Swatches and Photos

Kleancolor retractable waterproof lip/ eyeliner in 'Deep Red' Reviews, Swatches and Photos

Hey “BD beauties”!

Hope your week is going great so far and today I’m going to review a lip liner that I feel a bang for the buck and is one of the best makeup products I have found. I’m reviewing the Kleancolor retractable waterproof lip/ eyeliner in shade Deep Red. Kleancolor is a brand that is being sold on the beauty joint website.

Costs $1.75 for 0.2g of product. Buy it HERE

What Kleancolor says about this product?

An automatic lip/eyeliner with a smooth, creamy glide-on texture. The waterproof formula keeps your sexy look throughout the day and night and the mess-free design lets you sharpen on the fly with just a simple twist of the tip.

 My experience with this product

In my makeup collection, lip liner is something I don’t have much of. I would own about 5 or 6 at most so I ought this wanting to venture out more on lip liners and this was super cheap too. The lip liner comes in retractable form which is always great. And it’s a lip and eye liner which is awesome since you will find shades that aren’t traditionally found in eyeliners like this red one. The packaging is very simple black and has the shade on the bottom which I think is a fair comparison to the actual color itself.

The lip liner has a creamy texture and glides on really well. It’s not too creamy as well making it not last long. I can’t agree more on the waterproof fact/claim that it has. It is definitely waterproof! It only comes off when an oil based remover is used.

The shade Deep Red isn’t nessecerily a deep red shade but is more of a classic red. This would be great to be used in conjunction with any shade of red. I feel like it’s a classic red liner that you need in your collection. The other thing that blows my mind is the shade range. They have about 40 shades to choose from. Which is just crazy! I’m totally going to collect lots more shades when I haul from beauty joint next time.

What’s great about the Kleancolor retractable waterproof lip/ eyeliner in shade Deep Red?

  • It is certainly waterproof
  • Has great pigmentation
  • Is creamy enough to glide smooth
  • Long lasting

What’s not so great about the Kleancolor retractable waterproof lip/ eyeliner in shade Deep Red?

  • I don’t have any complaints!

Overall verdict

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!! This lip liner. I feel like it eats the much raved NYX lip liner since I found them to be a tad drying and they weren’t waterproof as well. This has all the great quality for just $1.75. Highly recommend this!

More Photos and Swatches


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