Monday, May 13, 2013

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Hey “BD beauties”!

I had recently received a few items from kkcenterhk for review and finally i got the time to review them! First of all i thank kkcenterhk for sending these items for review. Keep in mind girls, my opinions are honest and true if they are samples or not.

CUICU Flashing Diamond Single EyeShadow- Indigo blue no 15

This is my most favourite product off all the products the reason being first its a matte color and next its extremely pigmented, comparable to high end shadows. The shade isn’t chalky whatsoever thus it appears vibrant with or without a primer! The formulation has a staining effect which makes the product long wearing! I have used this shade in a tutorial HERE. I highly recommend this product!
This shade is a lovely peacock blue shade which is perfect for spring/ summer eye looks! The product quantity is 4.2g which is a whole lot of product and cost only $4.83. 

MeiZi Black Line Gold Glitter Eyeliner Sticker-Swallowtail & Fire
This is basically a stick on eyeliner for those who find lining your eyes hard or just want something glam without having to create yourself. It definitely does look lovely but it’s extremely harsh on your eyes! You must be knowing how delicate your eye area is and this is not something i would love putting over there. The sticky part is so damn harsh and it literally hurts while trying to remove them and if you stick it on your lashes, you’re going to end up plucking them! I wasn’t happy with this product at all and would recommend you get it if you’re new to this. However if your used to the whole stick on eyeliner thing, 

JOJO Stereo Feminine Blush With Brush & Mirror-Peach Puff
I had always wanted a peachy blush for a very long time now and i finally got one! This is the pure definition of a peach toned blush. I loved the pigmentation of this blush too. However, the only problem is that this isn’t a shade for my skin tone as it doesn’t show up as much on my cheeks. However, this isn’t an issue with the blush it’s just that this shade will complement fair skin tones.
The staying power of this blush is comparable to a Maybelline blush or those blushes from the 10 color blush palette. This contains 6g of product and costs $6.54 on their website. 

LANDBIS Big Eye Dual-use Eyeliner 
This is basically a dual ended eyeliner which has a felt tip liquid liner on one side and a retractable eye liner on the other. I love the retractable liner which is pigmented and has good staying power, but i hate the felt tip part. I’m not sure if I got a dried product but it wasn’t pigmented at all. However, if i had the retractable liner finished, I would purchase this product just for that! This costs $14.74 
My favourite products were the peachy blush and the blue eye shadow! I will defiantly purchase more shade from the eye shadow range and I recommend you all check those out too!


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Xoxo Jeeshan



  1. amazing! great post

  2. blue eyeshadow and peach blush :) my love..

  3. Great post!!

  4. I am loving the eye liner stickers. They are amazing :)

  5. Beautiful shadows, i love the blue!!

  6. Love the blush :) great colors :)!!

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  8. Nice haul that peach blush looks great!:)

  9. Wow Jeeshan, the make up look is amazing, it suits your eyes <3
    I had to try it someday,
    xoxo Nika

  10. Thank you so much! I loved the review! <3

  11. very nice!!!

  12. Your eyes look amazing!

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  13. Beautiful post dear!! I falling in love with it. Kisses. Have a nice day.

  14. I love peach blush very much lovely haul jees

  15. that peach blush is gorg!

    - Janine

  16. Loved the eye shadow so much :) Nice haul


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