Friday, March 22, 2013

Ways to prevent wrinkles

Hey “BD  beauties”!

Wrinkles are a great concern among women these days’ even younger ladies. This is a fair worry as many of the products we use and environment we are exposed causes pre mature ageing. I feel that it’s important for young ladies to understand and get educated about how to prevent this beforehand rather than worrying about it afterwards.

The few but most effective ways by which you could prevent wrinkles are:
  • Avoid the sun as much as possible: sun is documented to be the biggest cause for wrinkles and also skin cancer. So be sure to wear sun screen religiously if you do get the need to face the sun!

  • Get your sleep: having good sleep is known to produce hormones that maintains the elasticity of the skin thus, giving it the ability to protect itself from damages from the environment
  • If you feel like you cannot see as well, get glasses: don’t squint! The often you squint, the more closer you are to get wrinkles.
  • Do not smoke! It’s nothing new. Smoking is an enemy to your body totally. You cannot be healthy person with tobacco getting into your body. Thus it also becomes a major contributor to wrinkles. Tobacco breaks down the elasticity of the skin thus makes skin prone to wrinkles much faster thus giving you pre mature ageing.
  • Include more protein in your daily diet! Fish is a pure form of protein although chicken has it too, it’s hard to find pure organic fed chicken since they are mostly broiler. So fish is by far is most reliable source of protein. Try salmon, it’s delicious as well as has omega 3 which is an essential fatty acid.
  • Don’t skip moisturizer for anti ageing products! Either you use a moisturizer off the store shelf or just oil like olive oil, don’t skip it!! There are enough of anti ageing products available but nothing can beat good old moisturized skin!
  • Washing your face is necessary but don’t overdo it. Your skin produces its natural oils to protect itself from damage thus washing those oils off will wash off your skins protection as well!

The reason why I wrote this post is to basically create awareness to the younger girls as the environment now is not like the environment a decade ago. The emissions are let out; it becomes bad for your skin. So try practicing small things to prevent now!

Xoxo Jeeshan


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