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Review: Basic Care angled blush brush

Hey “BD beauties”!

This post going to be a review of a makeup brush that I purchased a while back from my local beauty counter. Its Basic Care angled blush brush. I purchased this at the time i was starting to make a brush collection. I didn’t want to really splurge on sigma’s brush set or any MAC so was in the hunt for good quality brushes also with a great price. I will definitely do reviews of few other brushes I did manage to find but this is one of them. I couldn’t really feel the texture of the brush as it was fully packaged so that was a disappointment! My review with this particular product is pretty neutral. Read on to know why!

Review: Basic Care angled blush brush

My experience with the product

The reason I was convinced to purchase from this brand is because I used to be a huge fan of their false lashes and foundation sponges. This cost me about 450 srilankan rupees at that time if I’m not mistaken. As usual i started using this brush with an initial wash like I do for all of my brushes (Read my brush cleansing routine HERE). While i did the first wash, I noticed tons of bristles shed which was more than the usual. This kind of made me worried at first but it did stop after the second wash or so.

Texture and feel: if you look at the brush (see pictures) you will think that it’s pretty scratchy and it is. I have used other angled brushes before and this is a lot uncomfortable to lend and work with and does irritate my skin at times when I do use this brush when i have active breakouts.

Review: Basic Care angled blush brush

Build and durability: the brush did shed unusually at the beginning but went back to normal after two washes but in terms of how the bristles are packed and glued, it seems flimsy. It’s more of a fluffy angled brush rather than one that keeps a perfect shape. The handle is very sturdy and easy to hold and use.
Packaging: the brush came in a boring but protective plastic sleeve which can e used to store your brush as well after use!

 Does it do the job? Yes, it does apply blush and also bronzer pretty well but like I said, it is a tad uncomfortable with the scratchy bristles. If you don’t mind that, or if you have non sensitive skin, this would turn out to be a good brush for you.

Review: Basic Care angled blush brush

What’s great about the brush?
  • Does the job by applying blush well
  • Well made product, hold on pretty good
  • Can be found in any beauty counter

What’s not so great about the product?
  • Has scratchy bristles
  • The angled cut isn’t that sharp
  • It’s more fluffy than how it’s supposed to be
Review: Basic Care angled blush brush

The coral shade was used to experiement with this brushe

Will i recommend this product?

If you have a relatively smaller face, I wouldn’t as this is a more fluffy brush it might apply product to a wider area of your cheek. Also if you have severe acne or extremely sensitive skin, this product is a definite NO! However, if you have pretty normal skin, this should work fine. I wouldn’t tell it’s the best but if you don’t have any other better brushes, this will work fine.

Xoxo Jeeshan

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