Friday, March 22, 2013


Hello “BD beauties”!

I can pretty much say that I buy almost all my beauty related and makeup products online. Although i live in srilanka, I have found some great website that have reasonable shipping cost. Even better, free shipping! One such site is I came across this website recently and was in LOVE! This has all my favourite categories of products in one place with free shipping WORLDWIDE, deals are just uneatable! Use the coupon code HDBQ10 at checkout and get 10% discount on your total order cost!!

The products they sell and the relavent URL

The list can be exhaustive! There is just so much variety as well. I would say the most exciting products you can get here are all the nail art supplies like rhinestones, nail polishes, nail art brushes etc! Also I cannot forget about the eyeshadow palettes!!! You can get them here for a reasonable price. The palettes I recommend if you’re starting out are:

Few of the many nail art products!
15pc Nail Art Design Brush Set Dotting Dot Pen Drawing

10 pcs nail art decoration

If your still contemplating if you should purchase from this website or not, I have a great deal for you! Use the coupon code HDBQ10 at checkout and get 10% discount on your total order cost! Since the prices of the products are already low, having a discount will give you a price you can’t pass! also has great customer service! They respond to your questions and queries really quick!

Hope you girls purchase and let me know your experience! :)
Xoxo Jeeshan

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