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Review: Head and shoulders clean and balanced

Hello everyone!

This is going to be another hair care review. I had previously reviewed the dove intense damage therapy HERE. As for the hair care reviews I have done so far, they are all the products I have used for at least one entire year so you know you have the best of opinions! This product being reviewed today is Head & Shoulders anti- dandruff shampoo in clean and balanced. I have used this rand since i was a kid and have loved it even during my teens. This is just the basic shampoo that works well for any hair. It isn’t too fancy I know but in combination with the perfect conditioner, this will easily become your Holy Grail product. Read on to know why.

What head & shoulders claim?
This balanced cleaning formula thoroughly cleanses hair and scalp for revitalised beautiful hair.

Review: Head and shoulders clean and balanced

My experience with it

This is a basic shampoo like I said. Perfect to wash your hair off of build up or dirt and also is an effective shampoo for dandruff TRUST ME. This shampoo reduces the amount of hair fall i get and also goes well with any conditioner! What I also love about the shampoo is that it gives a fresh minty tingle to your scalp! It used to be a little too harsh earlier but in their new formula, this is solved!

The scent is just a fresh scent it kind of reminds me of men’s after shave but very less toned down. It does have various other shampoos in the line to cater to different needs like adding shine etc. but I usually don’t go for shampoo’s to cater my hair concerns.

As for the packaging it’s just a simple bottle nothing too fancy to rave about but one thing I should tell you is store your shampoo bottle upside down so that the product is near the mouth of the bottle for ease.
I know when you’re reading my review for this shampoo you’re thinking it doesn’t have anything interesting BUT when I use this with my dove repair therapy REVIEW HERE, it works wonders! This shampoo removes dirt and build up and any kind of dandruff present and my conditioner repairs my hair ends and thus is have a perfect package J

Review: Head and shoulders clean and balanced

What’s great about this product?
  • Effectively removes dandruff and prevents
  • Rinses hair extremely clean
  • Gives a minty tingle and fresh feeling

What is not so good?
Seriously I can’t think of any: D

Would I recommend this?
Definitely! I would also recommend you try using this along with the dove damage therapy if you have the following hair concerns:
  • Split ends
  • Dandruff
  • Dry hair
  • Not shiny
  • Hair growth is slow

Girls this combination has eradicated all the above concerns for me and hope it will for you as well J
Happy reading!

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