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Review: Dove intense damage therapy mask

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This is going to be a post about hair care. It’s going to be review of one of my favourite products ever. This product really changed the condition of my hair for the good and what’s surprising is, it’s so inexpensive! It’s going to be about the dove intense damage therapy mask.

What dove tells about this product?

The reason many women find their hair rough & brittle is because the protein inside the hair fibre is damaged and more prone to breakage making it weaker, porous & prone to split ends. 

Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair Treatment Mask is scientifically proven to work. Its fast melting formula with FIBRE ACTIVES and VITA-PROTEIN COMPLEX, absorbs deeply to help bind proteins in the core of hair to boost  hair’s inner resistance and strength so it’s more resilient against future damage. 

Use ONCE a week to take care of hair damage, leaving you to enjoy your favourite styles, guilt free and without the worry of damage.

Review: Dove intense damage therapy mask 

My experience with it

At the time I found this product, my hair was extremely damaged. I used to flat iron my hair a lot and also didn’t take much care about it. I did try a lot of homemade masks and products off the counter but nothing helped! I even tried a disgusting egg mask which made my hair stink for days: s

What it did for my hair: I wanted to try the whole line but then i ended up purchasing the shampoo and this deep hair mask only. Ill review the shampoo later. This guys, had changed the texture and look of my hair! I used to have terrible split ends which where dry and just so ugly! This product literally made them vanish! I was worried that i would have to chop off a lot but this saved me :D another thing it did was changed the look. My hair looked shiny and a lot healthier now because of this. But the best is yet to come! It made my hair grow longer! I had a bad haircut and ended up shortening my hair ALOT. And this just speeded up the growth process. Although it doesn’t claim to do so, it really did J

Review: Dove intense damage therapy mask 

Scent: the scent it has is the typical dove scent. Nothing too crazy or different. However, the shampoo is pretty strong and the scent does stay on.

Consistency: the consistency of the product is pretty thick so you have to spend a good 5 to 10 minutes washing the product off without having build up.

Product quantity: I have to tell you guys the product lasts for more than a year! I’m not kidding. I have long locks and this lasted me for close to a year now and this is just my first container! I still have about 1/4th of product left.

Price point and quantity: in srilanka it costs close to 500 srilankan rupees for 200 ml of product which is amazing.

Packaging: the packaging isn’t bulky at all for me. It stands well in my shower counter and is really sturdy. The only thing that bothers me is the twist on cap that i sometimes get annoyed with in the middle of a shower! I believe they have changed the packaging to a white one which looks sturdy as well

How i use it: i use it twice a week after washing my hair with shampoo. I pat dry the excess water and while damp i apply this product ONLY from the middle to the ends. Never apply this near your roots it will make your hair greasy. The hair at the end of your shaft is the oldest and thus the most damaged.

Review: Dove intense damage therapy mask 

What’s great about the product:

  • It speeds up hair growth
  • Makes hair shiny
  • Great value. Quantity lasts long
  • Price point is amazing
  • Has a good scent to it
  • Reduces split ends a lot
Review: Dove intense damage therapy mask 

What’s not so great about the product?

  • The product takes time to wash off completely
  • The twist on lid is annoying while in the middle of a shower.
Review: Dove intense damage therapy mask 

Would i recommend this?
Absolutely! I love this product and this stand second as my favourite hair care product next to my freeman heat protectant review here. You should try this if you have split ends, damaged hair, trying to grow your hair or want to makes it shiny.

Hope this review helped J comment below and give me your feedback!

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