Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DIY pore strips to remove blackheads

Hey “BD beauties”!

Do you get black heads often and don’t know an effective way of removing them? Then this DIY nose strip is for you. Nose strips can be bought off the counter but this is an easy and cheaper alternative done with product you probably already have at home!
So let’s get started!

DIY pore strips to remove blackheads

DIY pore strips to remove blackheads

What you would need is gelatine and milk that’s it!

Mix in the milk a drop at a time into the gelatine so it’s a thick paste like consistency. Do not make it runny as the thicker it is, the better it would be a strip to pull off. Next, heat the mixture or microwave for about a min jus to heat the mixture and apply it over your nose! You could also apply it over other areas like your chin. Let the mixture dry on your face and once it’s totally dry, pull it off like a pore strip! It’s that easy. You can definitely see all the yucky gunk on the strip and know how effective it is!

Personally, my skin feels a lot softer once I do it and obviously gunk free!
Hope you try it and give me your feedback. J

Xoxo Jeeshan

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