Friday, March 1, 2013

Oscars 2013: The best & worst Makeup

The oscars is an even full of glamour and style and i had previously written a post about the best and worst dressed for the oscars which i will link HERE.
When I was looking through the pictures of the lovely ladies, i realised that many of them had very similar makeup looks on which was pretty surprizing as usually anyone would want to stand out. Anyhow what was mostly visible were neutral looks some of them really did rock it, while for some it just washed them away!

I have put together this post in the order best to worse in my opinion. Hope you girls enjoy this :)


Although what she wore was here signature retro look with a winged eyeliner, she did change it up a little bit with a rosy lipstick. By far the reason why i actually did love her look is because she looked flawless and put together. It looks simple but elegant and she definitely topped my list :)

Jessica Chastain
Even her look did have a retro vibe but with a vintage twist! The red lip was done to perfection with the balanced neutral eye and more importantly, her hair added to the entire style!

Halle Berry
She had her signature look aswell, her smokey eye was done to perfection and her nude lip fit the look perfectly without being too light.

Queen Latifah
In my view, she was the only one who rocked a bold right lip colour well! her eyes were subtle but yet open with the right type of lashes. I'm just in love with her entire look!

Jennifer Lawrence
Although jennifer lawrence topped by best dressed list, she was'nt the best with her makeup. The reason being her plum smokey eye. It looked messy and not well blended.

Jennifer Garner
She was dressed well, accessorized well but her makeup just looks washed out completley! she went neutral with both her eye and lips which is an obvious NONO. A rosy lip or bold lip would have been better!

Anne Hathaway
Ann looked glowing and flawless as well. Her look was pretty natural with her rosy lip. Her look cordinated well with her light pink gown.

Kristern Stewert
I dont want to seem like i'm complaining but she just could'nt work it on the red carpet totally.her hair looks unkept and her makeup was just not right. She had a warm orange on her lids this made her hair more red and the warm lipstick also made her teeth look dirty (did anyone notice that?)

Salma Hayek
Her dress looked perfect for her petite curvy figure but her hair and makeup was just too much for her. her hair was too big for her height in my opinion and her smokey eye was dragged too far and just ended up looking messy! 

So there you go those were the rankings i would give. Obviously everyone are entitled to their opinions and i would love to know what you guys thought of the looks these ladies rocked! :)

Disclaimer: All images were taken from google images for illustration purpose. Credits for the images go to their rightful owners. I do not own the images

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