Friday, March 15, 2013

How to grow your nails longer and stronger

Hello everybody!

Today I’m coming to you with a post about growing your nails longer!

Are your nails brittle and never grow long? Are your nails dull and streaky? Then you have come to the right blog J hope I don’t sound like an advert: D but anyway I used to have these issues that’s my point! I didn’t work on getting them right but throughout the past two years or so it has changed a lot and I’m writing this post, looking back at the changes I have made.

  • I have definitely started eating more leafy veggies. I have been on a weight loss journey and leaves are a staple in my diet. I do not know the science behind it duh -_- but I do know it has helped my nails!

  • Growth gel’s this is something i stumbled upon and just purchased without a clue. I remember getting a sally Hansen one it’s called vitasurge growth gel and trust me girls this stuff works! If your nails aren’t growing try this! I couldn’t repurchase it as it was no longer available in my beauty store L

  • If you’re growing your nails, file them round. Having square boxy tips might be cool but is definitely not when trying to grow your nails. They will always come in the way and stuck to almost everything you hold and get prone to breakage a lot. So if nothing worked, try this J

  • Vitamin E this is supposed to help with your hair, skin and nails and I mean brittle nails. This will show you a difference but I recommend you consult your physician before taking in any pills.

If you want to FAKE the longer nails I have a trick for you ;) it’s the magic of illusions and for this, you have to paint your nails nude. Yes nude now nude is different for each person. My nude is a beige colour which is warmer; your nude may be different. If your women with colour try matte medium browns if you’re pale, try something lighter. Whatever colour, remember it should e matte. Now what this does is make your nails look longer. Its the same with nude shoes, nude clothes etc.

If you paint your nails often, non acetone removers will be your holy grail; they condition your nails and do not dry them and make them brittle.

And there you go girls. There is a solution for everything. Make these changes and you will definitely see some difference!
Xoxo Jeeshan

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