Saturday, March 30, 2013

How to get rid of dark lips?

Hey “BD beauties”!

I was thinking about some sort on inspiration to write posts and i figured that I write about a few skin conditions that women in Asian face a lot! That’s pigmented lips. Pigmented lips are usually darker on the upper lip or darker on the edges of the lips. This can e annoying especially when you’re trying to apply lipstick and the dark lips to not show it true to colour! I will definitely do a lip makeup routine in the near future but before that i figured i give you a few tips and also DIY lip masks to try in the comfort of your homes!


  • If you wear lipstick religiously almost every day, this is for you. Make sure you purchase your lipsticks from a trusted brand. Revlon has wonderful lipsticks, if you’re feeling fancy, invest in Mac! Always avoid those cheap unbranded lipsticks which have strong chemicals that are ad for your skin. It makes sense right? The cheaper the product, the lower quality materials they use to produce it! Also bear in mind the shelf life of the lipsticks, you should always toss away the expired ones as this would be adding fuel to make your lips even more pigmented!
  • Try changing your habits! High intake of caffeine that’s tea and coffee, smoking also contribute to pigmented lips! Since these are habitual, the pigmentation cannot e removed quickly! Try changing these habits one by one; instead consume fresh fruit drinks etc.

  • Coconut is a wonder for such lips! Make your own lip mask and massage in coconut milk for about 5 minutes every day and before going to bed, apply a coat of coconut oil over your lips!
  • Use butter to massage in your lips. Utter leaves you lips silky smooth and also makes it lighter when used continuously.
  • Use a lip balm that has spf. Now it’s not only your skin that needs the protection from the sun! So when you buy your next lip balm, go for one that has SPF.

DIY lip masks
  • Mix in lemon juice with glycerine and rub it over your lips and leave it over night. Lemon is known to e a natural lightener for skin but aware that lemon is not the same as lime!
  • Olive oil and beet juice in combination make a great mask for your lips! Massage the mixture into your lips until absorbed. Also get into the habit of drinking beet juice with a little bit of sugar.
  • Cut up a potato in half and rub it over your lips whenever you get time. Potato has the tendency to lighten scars and also lips. You need to use it for some time to see results.
  • Exfoliate your lips! Dead skin is present on your lips too! Buy a good lip scrub or you can make one at home too (DIY lip scrub coming up soon).

Do try at least two of these treatments for at least 2 months before seeing any results. Remember natural ingredients guarantees you that you would have side effects so the patience is worth it!
Xoxo Jeeshan


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