Friday, March 29, 2013

Tutorial: Emerald soft smokey eye

Hey “BD beauties”!

I’m here with another eye makeup tutorial for you girls and i made a simple yet elegant one today. Have any of you heard of sephora’s colour of the year? Its emerald! So I decided to do an emerald Smokey eye with is pretty soft and wearable during the day! I love this colour on my eyes I feel like it’s an universal colour and will suite any eye colour! So let’s get started

Tutorial: Emerald soft smokey eye

What you need
  • Eye primer
  • 4 shades of eye shadows
  • Black kohl
  • False lashes
Tutorial: Emerald soft smokey eye

Tutorial: Emerald soft smokey eye

Step 1
Prime your lids and add kohl all over your lid. I made it as soft as possible rather than making a dark base. I feathered the kohl out with a Q tip to further lighten the shade.

Step 2
Apply the emerald green eye shadow all over the lid. Try pushing in the colour rather than sweeping it. If the green shade you have isn’t dark enough, foil the colour using a wet brush.

Step 3
Pick up the light berry shade and sweep it in the crease also blending the harsh lines from the emerald shade and making a transition. You could use any brown shade as well to transition but make sure it’s a shade darker than your skin colour.

Step 4
Draw a liner on your upper lash line with the kohl. It doesn’t have to e dark as well.

Step 5
Apply the emerald shade to the end of your lower lash line and also line your water line with the kohl

Step 6
Smudge the liner in the upper lash line to create a softer look. While smudging, use the black eye shadow to help. This will feather and smoke the lash line.

Step 7
Add on your false lashes. I totally skipped mascara even for the lower lash line but you could if you want to define your eyes.

Tutorial: Emerald soft smokey eye

Tutorial: Emerald soft smokey eye

That’s it girls! I made this tutorial with minimal products to make it a simple and wearable look without the plain old neutrals! Hope you try it out and do give me your feedback!
Xoxo Jeeshan

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xx Jeeshan

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