Friday, March 8, 2013

Glamorous black smokey eye Tutorial

Hello everyone!

This post is going to be a tutorial of a black Smokey eye. A black Smokey eye can e quite dangerous to wear unless you pair it with a nude lip and earthy cheeks. It’s extremely simple to do a smokey eye if you know the right techniques. One thing you have to know is blending that’s extremely important to create a Smokey eye that looks good rather than like someone punched in your eye.

What you will need:        
  • An eye shadow base
  • Black khol or eyeliner pencil
  • Black eye shadow
  • Matte nude shade
  • Warm brown shade
  • Mascara
  • Fake lashes

Step 1

Glamorous black smokey eye Tutorial

Prime your eyelids and apply black khol or eyeliner all over your lids. Stop before your crease as you need space to blend.
Step 2

Glamorous black smokey eye Tutorial

Use a pencil brush an feather out and blur the edges. Don’t drag the colour up too far. To help with the blending, use a little it of black eye shadow.
Step 3

Glamorous black smokey eye Tutorial

Pick up a warm brown shade with a lending brush and blend in the crease. Use a light hand with this and be patient. This is the most important step I believe.
Step 4

Glamorous black smokey eye Tutorial

Apply khol to the lower lash line avoiding the inner corner and smoke it out with a mixture of the black and brown. This gives a better dimension to the smokey eye and balances the look. Use a light hand with this lending process as well to avoid bringing the colour far too down.
Step 5

Glamorous black smokey eye Tutorial

The steps from now are pretty easy and normal. You just got to add a litle pencil liner or liquid liner to your upper lash line. This is optional as it would anyway get lost in the black eye shadow. Also coat some mascara to help with the next process.
Step 6

Glamorous black smokey eye Tutorial

Add your fake lashes to add more glam. I recommend falsies for this look to emphasis the lashes more. I use half lashes in this look as I didn’t want a heavy band. It did give the same effect but felt way more comfortable.

And there you go! A great black Smokey eye. This is best worn for a night even as this would just be too harsh for day.

Finished look

Glamorous black smokey eye Tutorial : finished look
 Before & After

Glamorous black smokey eye Tutorial

Hope you liked this tutorial! Comment below with any requests and also give me your suggestions! J

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