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5 Tips to effectively clean your makeup brushes

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Many of you might own makeup brushes to do your makeup and may also be washing them often but do you know if you’re washing methods do good or harm your rushes? Let me give you a few tips to abide by when washing your tools to increase the longevity of them and also maintain hygiene!

5 Tips to effectively clean your makeup brushes

When you wash your brushes, keep in mind to dampen the bristles only! I can’t stress this enough as many just dip the rush in water! Water shouldn’t get into the metal barrel as this would lead to the glue loosening and ruining your lovely set of brushes! Also wash then keeping the bristles facing downward this ensures further that water doesn’t get in the barrel.

You may be spending a lot on purchasing brush cleansers but keep in mind that this isn’t necessary. Makeup artists generally use number of sets to cater to clients quickly and they would never use those expensive ones to deep cleanse! You can use mild detergents or baby shampoo to clean and this will remove everything. Also make sure you wash everything off until water runs clear!

3 Before you put them to dry, squeeze excess water off. Be gentle with it and use a towel to squeeze excess off and dry them laying flat. If you can purchase these tools called brush guards which cover the rushes and shapes it will drying!

Always dry them naturally! This is the best for your brushes. Dry them over night and never put them in sunlight! That’s a definite no! If you’re in hurry, let them dry up to 80% naturally then blow dry t the lowest heat.

While you wash your brushes often don’t neglect the handles! There could be germs there as well! Use rubbing alcohol and wipe the handles. You can also use those hand sanitizers.

I hope this post helped many of you. As a summary the main things to remember are, don’t let water get in the barrel, wash with mild detergents, air dry them naturally and clean the handles!

I will write a post about how i personally wash my brushes so look forward to that!

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