Thursday, March 7, 2013

Simple and glamorous retro eye tutorial

Hey everyone!

Just like i promised on my facebook page, i put together a simple But extremely glamorous eye look today. The eye shadows are pretty basic but what vamps up the look is the liner. This can be described as classic retro look which can e great with a matte red lip.

Lets get started!

What you would need:

  • An eye shadow primer
  • A shimmery champagne shade
  • A matte nude shade
  • A brown shade
  • A shimmer or matte black shade
  • Liquid eye liner
  • Eyelash curler and mascara
  • Fake lashes (optional)

Step 1

Simple and glamorous retro eye tutorial

Apply eye primer all over lid up to the brow bone. This makes the shadows appear more true to colour and also increases the longevity of the look without creasing! I’m using elf’s eye shadow primer in sheer.

Step 2

Simple and glamorous retro eye tutorial

Apply the matte nude colour over your brow bone and near the tear duct. This instantly awakens your look and makes you look fresh.

Step 3

Simple and glamorous retro eye tutorial

Apply the shimmery champagne shade all over your lid. Make sure to stop before your crease. A champagne colour is used to give the look a modern twist to the retro look.
Step 4

Simple and glamorous retro eye tutorial

Apply the brown shade to your crease and lend. This gives depth to your eyes making it look structured. Blend away really good to Blur harsh lines. You want the look to e as soft as possible! Also in this step, apply the black shade to the outer V of your eye. This gives your look a cat like appearance which adds more to the winged liner.

Step 5

Simple and glamorous retro eye tutorial

Curl your lashes and apply mascara. Don’t worry too much with mascara as false lashes will be used anyways. Draw a winged liner as well in this stage. A winged liner is a task for beginners’ but practice is what’s important for this. As general guidelines, I would say stay with the wing you draw should e extended in line with your lower lash line and flicked. Also draw the outline of your wing before filling them in. If you mess up, shape it will a Qtip and eye makeup remover!

Step 6

Simple and glamorous retro eye tutorial

 Add some glam with falsies! Trust me girls false lashes make a huge step up with this type of look! Your natural lashes tend to get lost when you draw a winged liner thus false lashes will make them prominent. Choose lashes with a cat eye look which has longer hairs at the end.
And that’s it! It looks sophisticated but a beginner can definitely pull this off will practice with the winged liner!
Check this picture below of Adele. Look how her simple winged liner look is paired with this sexy red lip? What do you this of this look? COMMENT ELOW AND ALSO GIVE ME YOUR SUGGESTIONS!

Photo coutersy of Google images for illustrustration. I do not own this image

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