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Reasons for dried skin & how to cure it

Dry skin is a common issue for ladies these days concerning the products we use and also the environment we are in. Today’s post is going to help you know a few ways that actually work that will help you get rid of those flaky dead cells.

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First of all let me tell you the reasons why you might get dried skin

One of the first reasons i could think is definitely the environment. The air around us isn’t fresh as we may think. Chemical emissions always release toxins in the air that are harmful for our skin. It could affect the skin in various ways one of them being dried skin.

Another reason is the use of harsh products. Especially of you have acne prone skin and you are undergoing acne treatment, it defiantly will be harsh on you and strip away moisture. Those with acne must e familiar with benzyl peroxide and salicylic acid these are two harsh substances. Using them would give you improvement on your skin but will also make it dry.

Cure for such a skin condition is mostly advised by adding back moisture. This is when many of you would run into stores getting the most expensive moisturizers and so on. But keep forgetting what you already have at home!

What I use to cure dried skin and have worked
Exfoliating face brush you would have heard that exfoliating is vital if you have dried skin but unfortunately most exfoliating cleansers with those tiny beads don’t do much especially if your dry skin is excessive. Face brush is something I have been using for some time now and it defiantly does help. I wet my face and pour on some rich cleanser on my brush and slowly move it on my face in circular motions. Remember move it slowly this slowly removes the dead skin off your face. Do this for about 25 seconds and then wash your face. If you cannot find a face brush, buy a toothbrush meant for kids J

Olive oil. Olive oil is non comodegic natural moisturizer for you face and body! After washing your face and before going to bed, dab in some olive oil and gently massage it into your problem areas. Continue massaging for about 5 minutes and you will definitely see a difference.

Coconut oil this works just as good as olive oil but make sure you use virgin coconut oil. Massage it in for about 5 minutes just like the olive oil trick.

Baby oil. This is meant to moisturize a baby’s skin and hair for a reason. It contains the gentlest ingredients to help moisturize and this would definitely be great for our skins. It has helped me allot and it would surely help you.



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