Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Constance caroll lipstick in 'sexy pink' reveiw & swatches

Today’s review is going to be about constance caroll’s lipstick in the shade sexy pink. I found this lipstick in my local constance carol counter. It wasn’t definitely my type of colour as it’s a frosty finish and it’s a bright hot pink! However I found many other ways to use this.
Photo coutersy of google images

What constance carol claims about this product:

Soft, intensely colourful lips.
Our best-selling lipstick, Fashion Colour contains added moisturisers and conditioners.

My experience with it

I’m definitely not a lipstick person and lip products are not my favourite as well but something really pulled me towards this particular shade. At the time i purchased it, it cost me around 400 srilankan rupees if I’m not mistaken. I would tell one thing that the formula of the lipstick is extremely greasy and not thick at all. It would definitely wear away soon. However, i noticed that it stains my lips which I liked. As this particular shade isn’t my personal preference, applying it over concealer on my lips makes it more subtle and wearable! However wearing it by itself wouldn’t e a good idea as it’s a bold colour and would fade away extremely quickly.

The scent of this lipstick is not ad. It doesn’t give a chemical scent but a floral scent which is kind of bearable. Although I haven’t tried the other shades in this line, i can already tell that I wouldn’t be pleased with it concerning the formula.

Swatch of the constance caroll lipstick in sexy pink

How I apply it
Usually I don’t apply lipsticks straight off the tube especially if it’s a old colour. Using a lip brush not only gives you some precision but also gives even application. Personally I apply concealer over my lips before applying and lipstick this helps the lipstick appear more true to colour and also extends the longevity of it on my lips! J

It doesn’t have a harsh scent
Extremely affordable

Terrible formula
Extremely greasy
Not thick enough

I wouldn’t recommend this to ANYONE. Especially if you love bold right colours don’t go for this. It doesn’t last long and doesn’t show up well. Formula is not thick which means the lipstick streaks.

Hope this helped.


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