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Lakme's perfecting liquid foundation reveiw & swatches

You should always e careful with the foundation you use as its one thing that can affect your skin condition. If you have sensitive skin or acne prone skin, you should be extra careful! Its Best to invest in a high end foundation. However selected budget foundations are also worth the mention. My personal favourite of drugstore foundation is the Revlon colour stay for oily/ combination skin check its review here.
Today, I’m going to review lakme’s perfecting liquid foundation. Lakme is an Indian budget rand which has een putting out quite good products past few years. This foundation in particular has been in the market for quite some time. I came across this foundation at my local beauty store and wanted to try it out.

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My experience with it
The first few times i wore this foundation, i hated it. Literally just hated it and ended up keeping it away for quite a long time! After a few days i started using it just to give it another chance and i kind of liked it. I would praise it as the Best foundation out there especially it wouldn’t ever beat the Revlon colourstay! But its a good foundation for a sheer to medium coverage.

One thing i would tell that i yet hate is that the foundation makes my T zone really oily. So it’s quite important for me to powder that area. This would be a great foundation with people with dry skin as this provides lot of moisture and is a rich foundation.

In terms of lasting power its not as great as well. It lasts for about 5 hours maximum on me. This foundation doesn’t oxidize or change colour and is true to colour.
However on the other side, I have realised that this foundation line doesn’t have much shades. In fact, according to lakme’s website, it has only 4 shades. This is ridiculous! And all the 4 shades are more towards medium skin tones. I guess theiw niche were purely the Indian population.

Lakme' perfecting liquid foundation swatched & blended

What lakme claims about the product?
 Blends easily into your skin to create a soft glowing and feather like finish. water-resistant, oil-free formula with Vitamin E that provides superior coverage
Contains Vitamin E that soothes and moisturizes the skin.
Silicones help in easy application, spreading evenly for an even toned look

In terms of scent, it has a powdery talc cent which disturbs me personally. I bet it would trouble a lot others as well.


Not much worth mentioning

Has a scent
It’s a long lasting foundation
Have only 4 shades
Gets oily quickly although it says that it’s a non oily formula.

I wouldn’t recommend this foundation to anyone unless you have normal to dry skin! Beware that coverage is sheer and lasting power is quite low. If your searching for a budget foundation, i would recommend Revlon colourstay.

Hope this helped you some way.



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