Friday, February 8, 2013

How to fade acne scars?

Acne can leave terribly pigmented scars behind. Although the pigmentation level depends from person to person, it doesn’t make it look any good. If your scarring is terrible i recommend you go check a dermatologist. However if you have mild acne scarring, I have a few tips for you. I personally do have acne scarring and I’m always on the lookout for natural home remedies. I have few that actually did show some results.

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 Let me share with you a few tips & tricks that works and are worth trying

 DONT PICK YOUR PIMPLES. This is told for a reason. Picking your pimples stresses your skin. While you pick you might assume that you’re taking bacteria out. While in reality, your actually pushing it in. This spreads your acne further. While in terms of scarring, it actually creates pigmented scars. The reason why they are pigmented is because you stressed the skin.

 Lemons. These are natural bleaching agents and so it can e used to bleach the acne scar and lighten them. Take little bit of lemon juice on cotton all and gently apply it over the scars on a circular motion. Also remember than when you apply, it might sting a little bit. But that’s completely normal.

 Sea salt is a great substance to kill bacteria. Add a teaspoon of pure sea salt in water and put it to oil. Once boiled, steam your face with a towel over you. This is something that has worked wonders for me. It’s great to reduce appearance of acne scarring. However remember to e consistent to it.

 Olive oil. It has been a cure for a lot of issues with body. It has also been a great health addition to your diet. In order to help with acne scarring, after exfoliating your face, apply 1 tablespoon on olive oil to your finger tips and gently massage on the areas you have acne scars. You don’t have to worry about clogging pores as olive oil doesn’t do that and thus doesn’t cause acne. Massage on the area for about 5 minutes and the steam your face for about 6 minutes. This opens your pores letting your olive oil treatment penetrate to layers of your skin. Wash your face once you’re done.

Water. Yes I have talked about water in almost all my beauty tips but it’s too good to ignore. Drinking water helps flush toxins at the same time cleanses the body and also provides refreshment to skin in the form of hydration which in turn is important to repairing dead skin cells.

 Tea tree essential oil. Essential oils provide benefits in various areas. Tea tree helps break down dark pigmentation on skin thus brightening those areas. Tea tree oil is infused in various products these days for this reason. Apply it over the affected area and gently massage through.

Use aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is a great daily moisturizer and it’s known to e great for those with dry flaky skin. That’s what many cleansers and other skin care products have it infused in them however due to its ability to repair skin, it’s good for acne scarring also. When you do go to buy it, ask for organic aloe Vera as added preservatives are never going to let you get the benefits.

 Those are few tips that I have tried and would love if you would tell me your feedback if you have tried them. Natural remedies are a great thing to try rather than opting for chemicals. But however its important that you will never see results overnight. Be consistent on whatever treatment you undertake. It takes awhile to show results.

 Hope this helped you in some way 

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