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How to eliminate bad odour?

Body odour could be an embarrassing topic for most people. But its extremely important to deal with it before it gets worse. BO is caused by various reasons.

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It could be because of various reasons like
Smoking or intake of caffeine
Eating foods like onions and garlic
Certain medications also cause ad odour
Not being hygienic
Not washing clothes well etc

However there are equally numerous ways to eradicate ad odour either in the form of bad breath or just body odour

Here are a certain ways you could do this from home

  • Where cotton clothing. Any fabric other than cotton holds on to sweat whilst cotton makes it evaporate quickly. Thus not letting bacteria stay for long. This is important for those people who work for long hours. Silk is something you should avoid.

  • Stop smoking! Smoking clogs pores. If your pores are blocked, sweat gets stuck there as well thus creating breathing space for bacteria thus increasing any smell.

  • Baking soda can help as well. Especially it controls underarm odour. It absorbs sweat and doesn’t let it escape. Its jus like mattyifying your oily T zone with powder: P

  • Diet plays a major role in anything concerning your body. Similarly it contributes to body odour. Avoid oily foods and also strong foods like garlic and onions as mentioned earlier.

  • Try feminine wash. Feminine washes are made in away to stop bad odours in private places. It’s designed in such a way that ad odours stay at bay for over 24hrs. So don’t hesitate to buy it. It’s sold for a reason and is something great to be added to your daily hygiene routine!

  • Drink a lot of water! Just like your diet this helps a lot. Flushing out toxins is important toxins include all types of waste. Including the bacteria causing bad odour.

  • AVOID DEODRANTS! F you already wear deodorants and still have an odour issue, try without it! All these chemical build up also clogs your skins pores thus making the odour worse. Use deodorants only if you really need it.

I hope this helped you out. Bad odour is a topic not spoken much about. But it’s important that only you can take care of your body. Make sure you have a good personal hygiene routine.



  1. Hi,

    How to eliminate with baking soda?

    1. hello nazreen, nothing facy just apply a thin layer in your armpits instead of deodrant.


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