Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Is an eye shadow primer important?

Eye shadow primer is a product that’s growing in the makeup industry day. More and more people wear makeup when they leave their house and want the makeup to stay put. And eye shadow primer is a substance to act as a base for your eye makeup. If you are a beginner and don’t want to invest in one as most good primers a pretty darn expensive, you could use your foundation or concealer as a base.
I have heard the the elf eyelid primer is a great option on the inexpensive side. There are many reasons you would e happy with an eye shadow primer
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  • The obvious reason being the shadow lasts longer. It usually stays put until you decide to take it off. If your are working long hours or just going for a night out or even if you’re doing your own makeup for your wedding, make sure you apply a base.
  • Applying an eye shadow primer makes the eye shadow colour more vibrant. This is important if the eye shadows you own aren’t pigmented as you’ve wished. Applying a base automatically makes the product seem expensive.
  • Applying an eye primer in your lower lash line reduces the amount your eyeliner smudges. This is an important issue for me. I love wearing black kohl or eyeliner but smudging is a real pain.
  • If you have oily lids YOU NEED A PRIMER! If nothing has worked for you, primer is the way to go. The primer acts as a mattifiyer for your lids. Not allowing the oils seep through and smudge your eye makeup or cause crease lines.
Eye shadow without and with primer

You could also use your face primer as an eye primer if you don’t wear eye makeup often.

However an eye base is not necessary if you use high quality makeup and like the pigmentation as is. Brands like MAC, TOO FACED & URAN DECAY . They are well on their own.

I hope this helped you decide if an eye primer is for you or no.

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