Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Most used Beauty tools

The more of a makeup enthusiast you get, you would realise the need of many different makeup tools to aid you! Throughout the years I had been using a few tools to make my makeup application look better and also feel comfortable. These tools are very easy to find. They ar not some expensive gadgets. So i hope this helps someone who is already having issues applying certain parts of their makeup.

Tools may also differ from person to person and what skills they are best or worse at.
Tools in my opinion that aid me a lot.

My most used beauty tools

Powder puffs. Some products already come with puffs but i use disposable ones for sanitary purposes. Powder puffs are great in comparison with powder brushes are because powder puffs deposit the product and actually mattifys the makeup. At the same time it also aids to set the makeup rather than moving or removing makeup. In contrast, i have noticed that powder brushes are usually fluffy thus the powder doesn’t get deposited and using a brush would actually remove the makeup that you’ve spent time putting on. If you have oily skin, powder puffs are great tools for you J

Eyelash curler. Obviously you don’t know makeup if you don’t own, seen or know what this is. Eyelash curlers are meant to curl lashes before applying mascara. But I have found two new uses for it. One is to curl the lashes after applying mascara. This way the lashes have some substance (mascara) to hold the curl. This however is not too good for your lashes. But once in a while it’s fine. Another use is to use it to curl the fake lashes and natural lashes together. What this does is blend your fake lashes and natural ones together. Click here to know how to apply false lashes.

Q- tips  are great inexpensive tools for your makeup! The 1st thing that’s great about it is that they are disposable. And it’s the best tool to carry in your handbags to fix any makeup mistakes. For example any eyeliner smudges can be fixed easily or even using it to press on your under eye concealer to remove any excess oil.

Spray bottle with water. Spray bottles in particular are great tools. Small ones are easy to fill up with instant brush cleaners if you are a makeup artist. Personally, i fill it with plain water. I use this for several purposes like moisten the face if it dries up right before foundation application etc.

Makeup brushes. These are must haves if you use makeup constantly. Invest in a few brushes at least. I will definitely write a post about the must have brushes later on. But as a summary a foundation brush, eye shadow brush, lending brush and a blush brush are a few that’s essential.

Tweezers. Tweezers are tools great not only for makeup but also nail art to pick up tiny rhinestones. But in consideration of makeup, you could use it to apply your false lashes, or even tweeze your brows. Its also a great tool in your handbag to pluck any eyebrow hairs that you see growing ( trust me that happens a lot).

Hair clips. This is a tool that has helped me a lot as they keep the hair away from the face while applying makeup. The long ones (as in picture) helps a lot than tiny ones.

Hope this helps you out a lot . Happy reading! J

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