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How to reduce Oily skin?

Oily skin could make your face look tired and dirty. The reasons for production of oil in your skin could e hormonal changes, reactions to changes in diet, or health issues. Either way we have to keep in mind that oil production can never e stopped. There need to e a minimum amount of oil production for your skin to e moisturized. But it’s the excess that could be controlled to a certain extent.

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I have gathered a bunch of tips to help control the excess oil production. These wouldn’t cause any reaction for you unless you have extremely sensitive skin. IT’S RECCOMMENDED THAT YOU ASK YOUR DERMATOLOGIST IF YOU HAVE ANY SKIN CONDITIONS.

  • Wash your face at least 4 to 5 times a day. It’s important to wash away the oil using a gentle cleanser which is hypo-allergenic and non comodegenic washing is important to get rid of the produced oil so that it doesn’t clog the pores on your face. However it’s important to remember that excessive washing can actually lead to your skin producing more oil than usual as when you wash the oil completely, and skin is dry, it gives a signal to produce oil to supplement. As i told, the cleanser you use is vital as you would e using it often.

  • Control the oily foods on your diet. Oily and fatty foods obviously contributes to oily skin and also are major contributors to acne. Controlling your diet and substituting foods like fresh fruits and vegetables will actually help build your skin thus controlling the oil production and keeping it minimal.

  • Water is also important to keep your skin hydrated. If the skin is hydrated through water, the oils need not e produced to provide moisture. Thus oil production can e controlled.

  • If you use skincare products like moisturizers, exfoliants, cleansers etc, only go for products designed for your skin type that’s oily skin. In case of moisturizers search for non greasy moisturizers which sink in quickly. Cetaphil’s moisturizing lotion is known for this purpose.

  • If you’re on the go and cannot wash your face as many times as you would like, carry blotting sheets. These are just perfect tools to carry that instantly removes oil thus avoiding the clogging issue. If you wear makeup, Blotting papers can still e used. After blotting away, retouch with powder.

  • Implement physical exercises, like yoga into your daily routine. Any stress relieving exercise can benefit in many ways not just for oily skin. Stress does shift hormones and thus causing oil production levels to change.

  • Don’t leave your skin bare! Especially if you’re going out in the sun. Invest in a good sun block with a good amount of SPF. This helps to protect your skin from the sun damage. Sun damage has major impacts like wrinkles, premature ageing, sun spots etc.

Keep in mind if your young, this is the time to start protecting your skin. Don’t put away the need for a good skin care regimen. Protect your skin before its too late. As the world develops, there are certainly more chemicals released and harmful substances in the environment which most of us aren’t aware of.

Hope this helped you in some way.


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