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How to get Whiter teeth/ DIY Teeth whitening/ Get healthy teeth

How to get Whiter teeth/ DIY Teeth whitening/ Get healthy teeth

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Teeth is the important part of our face we really need to take care of since that’s what people notice first in your smile. Many people really don’t realise or don’t other about their teeth even if its yellow in colour but they feel that they have the most white teeth ever, this post is for them. Other than white teeth, healthy teeth is very important especially if you’re getting older since you naturally get more sensitive to certain foods and drinks when you get older. This post is going to tell you about a few DIY Teeth whitening methods and home remedy for whitening teeth.

Let’s get started!

  • Do your research on best whitening kits: according to my knowledge the crest 3D white strips have had lots of great reviews and preferred as best for sensitive teeth too. When you do your research make sure that it doesn’t contain chlorine dioxide since that really damaged your enamel.

  • This one is the typical thing but you need to brush your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes each time. Many people forget this but you need to floss your teeth too to avoid build up in-between your teeth.

  • Using baking soda: you would have heard this method before but this is to brush your teeth with baking soda on your brush for about a minute and then rinse it well.

  • Hydrogen peroxide: hydrogen peroxide is used for first aid purposes but you can also use it to whiten your teeth (ADA says it’s a safe practice). You can get hydrogen peroxide from drugstores and the percentage you need to use is 3% nothing higher! Before brushing your teeth mix a part of water with a part of hydrogen peroxide in a 50/50 ratio and swish it around.

How to keep your teeth healthy

  • Things you need to take care of are stopping habits that spoils the colour that’s smoking, wines like red wine, coffee etc.

  • Also don’t put your teeth into a situation where temperature needs to be adapted. Like having a hot drink with cold food.

  • Eat food that makes your teeth white these include apples, celery and carrots. These foods also help to eliminate bad odour and kill bacteria while strengthening your gums.

  • Have more strawberries. These include an acid called malic acid which helps to remove stains off your teeth and keep them white.
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