Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Makeup for HD photography/ Look good in photos

Hey “BD beauties”!

I’m pretty sure all you girls can relate when I say that I take pictures every time I do my makeup and often I used to get disappointed looking cakey, ashy or washed out. Today’s post is about getting photo ready makeup done on you or someone else. It’s all about knowing your needs and using the right products for it.


Prepping before makeup application is vital! If you know that you have an event coming up, don’t forget to pamper your skin more than usual at least 3 days early. This way you will prevent breaking out and basically have manageable skin on that day.

I highly recommend you get a cleanup done at a salon. If not use an oil controlling clay mask. Clay masks or charcoal masks are known to absorb dirt and oil stuck in your pores which lead to breakouts. You will notice a significant change in your skin when you do this. So once you’re done prepping beforehand, you need to work on your foundation. Stay away from any foundations with spf if the event I indoors as even the least bit of spf will give a white cast on your face with flash photography.

Prime your face with water or gel based primer. If you’re like me and have oily skin, try the benefit professional. It controls oils for the longest time and also provides a smooth canvas for my foundation.
Getting the right shade is vital! Match the foundation to your neck and don’t go for a full coverage if your skin is really good and well behaved.

Use liquid highlighters if you have normal skin on your cheek area. I suggest you avoid shimmery highlighters.

Neutral shades are best for photography unless you’re posing for artistic pictures! DO NOT opt for glitters and shimmers as it will reflect back and give prominence to the colour on your lids instead of giving balanced exposure. Matte or pearl finishes are perfect!

If you want a Smokey eye, go for more diffused ones with browns instead of using straight up black.
Small details like tighlining and filling in your brows make a huge difference to the overall quality of your makeup.

If you choose to wear falsies, avoid the plastic looking ones as in flash they tend to shine which makes it so obvious that your wearing false lashes. Try the ones which have hairs like natural ones. I recommend ardell falsies.

Just as shimmer eye shadows won’t do justice for photography, shimmery rather frosty lipsticks will not make you look your best. Try to stick with matte formulated shades even if you want a old hot pink lip. Matte lipsticks tend to be drying on your lips so don’t forget to exfoliate your lips and apply lip balm beforehand. If you want your lips to look plump, apply a lip gloss on the centre of your lips only! Don’t over use glosses.

If you have really pigmented lips, apply concealer to your entire lips after applying lip balm and follow it up with liner and lipstick.

Final touches that make a world of difference!
  • Powder your T zone only if you have oily skin.

  • Finish off your makeup with a reliable finishing spray

  • If you need to touch up don’t apply powder over the oily areas. Instead lot the area and remove the excess oil and then apply powder. This prevents a caked up face.

  • Bring down your foundation to your neck even if you think your foundation is the perfect match! (HD photography shows every difference)

                                                                                                                              Xoxo Jeeshan
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xx Jeeshan

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