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Makeup 101: Which makeup products to start off with for beginners- Eyes

Hey “BD beauties”!

This is going to be a continuation of the makeup 101: products for beginners and i had done the category of Face previously which you can read about HERE. Today I’m continuing it with the category of Eyes! This is my favourite category so super excited! This post will cover eye shadow, eye primer, mascara, eye liner, false lashes and eye brows!

Eye shadows
I have recommended palettes to beginners previously as well. The reasoning for this is that if you have a quality palette, you can experiment well enough! Read HERE for a post about telling which palettes are suitable for beginners.
Wet n wild also has amazing palettes which has pigmentation comparable to Mac eye shadows! And the best thing is, they have the shades labelled as to where they should go which can e a great guide to beginners!

NYX is also a favourite brand of mine and they product palettes as well! Which has amazing pigmentation for such great prices.

Eye liners
As for liquid eye liners, i will recommend elf’s liquid liner which has great black pigmentation and also good staying power. Read my review on this elf product HERE.
Pencil liners can be easily found everywhere but the best liners are what doesn’t smudge easily and i would say in my opinion, urban decays 24/7 glide on eye liner pencil.

If your beginning with makeup, i would recommend that you do not purchase high end branded mascaras instead go for drugstore brands. And Maybelline has the best mascaras! There are a lot of variations and as far as I know all work well.

Eye primer
An eye primer is a base below your eye makeup that makes the makeup last longer, look vibrant and also not crease. I love elf’s eye lid primer which you can read my review HERE.

False lashes
Ardell has great lashes with a thin band and natural looking lashes and cost about $3 each but I usually go for eBay lashes and you can find natural looking lashes at great prices! If you do not know how the eBay lashes look, see HERE for my lash collection.

Eye brows
I find that filling lashes with powder looks more natural than filling in with pencils. I use matte brown shades from the eye shadow palettes I own but if you going for an eyebrow kit, I would recommend the elf eye brow kit or the milani eye brow kit which are great!

Xoxo Jeeshan


  1. I Love Elf products got to stop myself ordering everytime a get a sale email which is quite often.

    Carrieanne x

    1. oh yeah!! nothing better than elf on sale :P

  2. i've been a beginner for a LONG time already and i still haven't tried out fake lashes :p hahha

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  6. what a great post, I wish I'd known about blogging when I first started wearing a makeup so I could have had a foolproof guide like this instead of having to do it all trial and error.

    Mind you, awful makeup was kinda fun!

    Emily Jane xo

  7. Nice products. I am very positive about ELF.
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  9. I think your array of chosen products is spot on for beginners :)
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  10. Very helpful post jeeshan! Loved it :)


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