Monday, March 11, 2013

Tutorial: Purple smokey eye

Hello everyone!

This post is going to be the purple Smokey eye tutorial which I promised earlier in my facebook page. First of all I hope all of you have already entered for my first blog giveaway J if you haven’t, check it HERE.
Let’s get started!

What you would need

  • An eye shadow primer. I’m using the one from elf cosmetics
  • Black kohl I’m using one from miss rose
  • A dark purple eye shadow
  • A black eye shadow
  • A matte nude shadow
  • Black liquid liner
  • Mascara
  • False lashes (recommended)

I have used the 168 eye shadow palette for this look. It has a lot of variety! CHECK HERE for the review for it!

Step 1

Tutorial: Purple smokey eye

Prime your lids. Like I always say this makes your eye shadow look expensive and also makes your eye look lash very long. This is important if you have oily lids J

Step 2

Tutorial: Purple smokey eye

Apply kohl all over your lid. Stop a little below your crease. You do not have to e precise with this as we will be lending it out anyway
Step 3

Tutorial: Purple smokey eye

Lend away the edges of the kohl application. Use a light hand since it’s such a dark colour. To aid with the blending, use a little black eye shadow with your blending rush
Step 4

Tutorial: Purple smokey eye

Apply the purple shade all over your lids with a flat eye shadow brush over the areas you have the kohl. The reason I have kohl underneath is this gives depth to the look and makes it Smokey.
Step 5

Tutorial: Purple smokey eye

Apply black shadow to your outer V and smoke it out, this give a cat like look and also makes your crease deeper
Step 6

Tutorial: Purple smokey eye

Apply the highlight colour underneath your brows and the inner corner of your eyes.
Step 7

Tutorial: Purple smokey eye

Line your eyes with the liquid liner. Wing out the liner at the end to accentuate the cat like look. Apply mascara as well after curling your lashes
Step 8

Tutorial: Purple smokey eye

This step really takes this look to a more glamorous level. Apply false lashes to makes your lashes stand out. I used half lashes as they stay more comfortable over my eyes. 


And that’s it ! Purple is a great shade for brown eyes. It makes your eye colour pop J hope you girls love this tutorial and try it out!


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