Thursday, March 21, 2013

How i clean my makeup brushes

Hey “BD beauties”!

Makeup brushes are one of the most important tools if you’re into makeup and you would have definitely realised that by now. But at the same time, it’s vital that you keep these tools clean and sanitary even if it’s used only on you. You can definiteltly spot clean your brushes if you want to use another colour or just want them clean for the moment but spot cleaning is not called washing your brushes. Makeup brush cleaners are expensive for what they are and even drugstore alternatives maybe damaging for your brushes.

What I use
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Mild dish wash liquid/ baby shampoo

I would call this as deep cleaning my makeup brushes because of the olive oil. Using the olive oil softens and moisturizes the hairs of the brush making them so smooth and soft. I would definitely recommend you do this wash with any new brush as well. Washing your brushes before initial use is vital! It removes any hair that’s just laying in the brush and also like I said, softens the brush.

How I wash

Step 1
I wash each rush at a time so i wet them as I wash. I make sure to wash them in running water as this will pull of much product itself. And another important thing is always hold your brush with the hairs facing downwards. This is to make sure that no water gets into the barrel where the glue holds the hairs.

Step 2

Pour equal amounts of the dish wash liquid or shampoo and olive on a plate and as you clean each brush, dip the hairs in both the substances and use your hand as a tool and rub the bristles on your palm and lather up. I have noticed that using the palm gives the most amount of control and easiest to use rather than the plate. Also take advantage of all of your palm and fingers. The area of your fingers has texture thus can remove more product when you swirl your brush there.

Step 3

Wash the brush hairs again as we did before with the head facing down the whole time. Afterwards, place the brush on a flat plate with a layer of tissue underneath. And that’s it! Washing brushes has never been easier and my brushes are the same quality as when i purchased them!

Quick tips
  • When drying keep the brush handle elevated thus the water will flow downwards and out.
  • Wash your brushes and let them dry overnight
  • Don’t put them under the sun or blows dry them

That’s it girls! Try this out with your brushes and I’m sure it will work just as well! Use the rush cleaners just to spot clean and do this at least once in two weeks.

Xoxo Jeeshan


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