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My most used Makeup brushes

Hey “BD beauties”!

This post is going to be about my most used brushes and why I use them a lot! It’s going to gone in line with the type of rush rather than brand price etc. this way you can purchase brushes by the type rather than spending tons of money on brands.

My most used Makeup brushes

I remember the day I started using makeup brushes after using those sponge applicators! Trust me I felt like an idiot that I hadn’t started using them earlier. Makeup brushes are tools that make your skill of makeup perfect. Without the tools you cannot get a desired look or a clean outcome as well. Throughout the years, I have realised that there are a few brushes that I keep going towards a lot compared to others.

Flat top buffer brush

My most used Makeup brushes

This is the only type of rush I have just recently started using but it’s a total must have! If you’re a girl who loves full coverage foundation, this type of brush do it for you! The flat top buffer brush has bristles that are tightly packed thus applying the foundation in a thicker layer rather than being applied from a stippling brush. I got my brush off of eBay. I will definitely review this product soon

Crease brush

My most used Makeup brushes

The crease brush is slightly bigger than a pencil brush but yet small enough to fit in to the crease area of the eye. The purpose of this brush is to place color in the crease. I love my dramatic eye looks and I use this brush a lot to create an outer V and darker crease.

Synthetic flat eye shadow brush

My most used Makeup brushes

A flat eye shadow brush is the first brush you need to purchase if you want to do eye looks but a synthetic is one that could be used wet without damaging the brush. I foil my eye shadows a lot and many times so this is a must have for me!

Angled eye liner brush

My most used Makeup brushes

This brush is important if you’re a beginner and love winged liner! Read my post about winged liner HERE. The angled cut helps create the flick at the end more precisely. But the purpose of this brush for me is different. I use this to fill in my brows! My rows have never been better. This rush helps get the arch perfect and also deposits enough product. The brush is stiff thus helps you fill in exactly where you want.

Large flat eye shadow brush

My most used Makeup brushes

I love this big shadow rush to place highlighter on my brow bone! I do not have to worry about touching up again and again as this places the perfect amount of colour needed!

Angled blush brush

My most used Makeup brushes

The angled blush brush is one of my universal brushes! I use it as a lush brush, contour brush and also a powder brush if it’s clean. Since the size is a good one to chiselle my cheek bones and sides of my nose plus applies colour right where i wan ton my cheeks, I cannot go back to using a typical blush brush. I tried another angled brush from basic care as well which beginners might like REVIEW HERE.
These are my personal favourites. What are yours? Comment below!

Xoxo Jeeshan

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