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Constance caroll compact refill powder reveiw

Today’s review is going to be about constance caroll’s compact powder refill in saffron glow. This is the first powder that i ever got and the powder I’m using until this day. I bought this at my local constance caroll counter for about 325 srilankan rupees. This wasn’t the first shade I got as I wasn’t good at colour matching.
This is not a mattifying powder as what most powders are supposed to be. Instead it’s a powder foundation which means it’s supposed to give you some sort of coverage. Personally since I have got oily /combination skin, I cannot use powder all over as using it on dry areas would make my makeup look cakey (read here about makeup mistakes).

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What the product claims
A sheer natural finish.
Our best selling product available in a wide range of colours to suit all skin tones. Silk enriched powder for a sheer, natural finish.
The product is available in 20 shades ranging from warm undertones to cool!

My experience with it
However i have noticed throughout my years wearing it, that it does perform as a great powder foundation for the oily areas of my skin, which for me is the T zone. It does mattify a little bit but not that significant. the scent of it is pretty much like any other powder nothing significant. In terms of staying power, i would say that it lasts for about 4 hrs maximum which is surprisingly great concerning that i only powder my oily areas. The cost of it is unbeatable being rupees 325.

Constance caroll compact refill powder

 Most of you might be knowing the rand and about the fact that their products are a hit or miss. Click here to check other constance carol products. This is definitely a hit.
The powder is easily bendable and texture is really soft like velvet making it stay rather than move around much. However one thing I have noticed is that the product does run out fast concerning it’s a product on budget.

How i apply it
I used to use a big fluffy powder brush, but i realised that using a rush moves my makeup instead of setting. So instead, i started using a powder puff and dabbing it on the areas where I want the powder to stay, this is when it would mattify your makeup as well.

Constance caroll compact refill powder

If you do have dry skin I wouldn’t recommend you using any powder at all. Stick to liquid based products J



  • Good coverage powder foundation
  • Great deal in terms of price
  • Wears a long time

  • Uses up pretty quickly
  • Hasn’t got much of a mattifying quality
Constance caroll compact refill powder

I would recommend this to oily skin beauties out there and also those which combination skin, use it only on your oily areas. However dry skin beauties avoid powder as much as you can it will only emphasis the flaky dry patches. Opt for liquid Based foundation for coverage.

I hope this helped you


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