Tuesday, January 29, 2013

GREAT deal on mascara for only $2.99

hey guys!

i was just going through my makeup collection and thought mascara is one product which is biased on different opinions. some people want volume and some length all these based on what type of lashes you naturally have!

there are enough of great mascaras in drugtore prices as well as high end my favourites being loreal voluminous and rimmel lash accelarator!

but there is one type of brand thats mostly overlooked. those are the asian brands. i have been trying out some asian mascaras and cam across this amazing one! ITS CALLED DENSE BY A BRAND FLAMINGO. i found it in this website called tmart.com  it cost only $2.99 and this website offers free worldwide shipping! its not that a deal??? 

Dense mascara from tmart.com

now the most amazing thing is about this mascara in my opinion is its wand. the wand has longer bristles on one side and shorter on the other. using the longer side give your lashes great length withe seperation and using the shorter side gives volume or rather thickness. it caters to 2 main needs in just one product!

Wand in the mascara

the formula is also a plus. it has a non clumping formula which is not too dry nor too wet. which means you end up with lashes that look as natural as possible.
you guys should check out this mascara. an amazing deal with both a good price and quality is definetly unbeatable!
   You should definetly check out their website. They have a whole variety of makeup aswell. ranging from eyeshadows to mascara's to beauty tools etc. i just go crazy when iam on their website just so much to choose from. But its not just makeup that they offer. They have gadgets,   jewellery, cellphones the list goes on. 


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