Sunday, September 20, 2015

Haul & my experience purchasing from Anastasia Beverly Hills

Hey “BD beauties”!

How’s your day going? This post is way long overdue but I still wanted to share it with you to address a few things! So I made an order from the Anastasia website a few weeks ago and here is my haul! I ordered a few things that were in my wish list for a long time and I finally got them.

Here is the list of what I got

Waterproof crème color in Jet and Yellow (LE for summer)

Single eye shadows in Glisten, hot chocolate, sangria, Bengal, noir, china rose, metallic, fresh green, opaline, red earth, rosette and wine

An 8 well palette – There is an option on Anastasia’s website where you could either get just the pans or you could fill them in a palette which they provide for free for 8 eye shadows. The palette however is not sold separately.

My experience

The entire order cost me about $170 and the shipping was $17.95 When I saw the price of the shipping I assumed that it was standard mail that I was going to get my package through but to my surprise, it was an expedited UPS package! I live in Srilanka and I got my package in just 2 days. It was super exciting to get it expedited for such a good shipping cost however; I had a custom charge for about 2500 SL rupees, which is about $19.

Apart from the customs I realized that they had missed a liquid lipstick, which I ordered but never informed me about it. I wrote to them about it, and they honestly took days to reply which I was bummed about but they did solve my issue in the end and refunded the full amount for the out of stock item.

Overall views for shopping with them

I loved all the products. There is no single item that I regret purchasing. However just be aware that although customer service will delay, they will ultimately solve your problem. As for shipping I think it’s amazing to have an expedited service for just $18. I would highly recommend shopping from them.

Untill next time,

Jeeshan umar xx

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