Friday, April 11, 2014

Review and EOTD of Geo Color Nine 9 Choco Brown Lenses from

Review and EOTD of Geo Color Nine 9 Choco Brown Lenses from

Hey “BD beauties”!

Most of you following my blog know by now that eye makeup tutorials are my favorite to do on the blog and what better way to spice up the tutorials than adding colored lens to them? Today I’m reviewing a pair of circle lenses from the store called Geo Color Nine 9 Choco Brown Lenses.

What does the company say about these?

Geo Color 9 Choco Brown Lenses AN-A44
Diameter: 14.2mm
B.C. 8.6mm
Water : 42%
Power : Refer to Option tab
Life Span : 1 Year stated by GEO Medical manufacturer
We recommend 3-6 months based on personal hygiene

My experience with the product

The Geo Color Nine 9 Choco Brown Lenses comes sealed in the typical glass bottles as most Korean circle lenses you would see. The longevity of these lenses are said to be 1 year which I personally feel that is quite too long especially if you wear cosmetics along with them. 6 months would be quite ideal. I had no trouble whatsoever putting them on which I was so relieved about since I have reviewed a few pairs before from different companies that irritated my eyes when I tried to put them on. These slipped on effortlessly without making me tear up.
The diameter of these lenses is perfect. They give you the doll like eyes with color. These lenses are supposed to be brown but on my dark brown/ black eyes, they look more of a grey. They are gorgeous whatsoever.

Along with these lenses I also got an animal lens case with is super cute first of all and is quite convenient!
As you can see in the pictures it looks amazing with dramatic eye makeup like the exotic looks. I totally love these so far!

You can buy these HERE
See more from Lens village HERE

What do you think of these? Love them?

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