Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Best Dressed Celebrities at the Elton John’s Oscar party

Best Dressed Celebrities at the Elton John’s Oscar party

Hey “BD beauties”!

Looking at the celebrities attending luxurious parties, judging their fashion and makeup sense is what people have been doing lately and I really wanted to put together my opinion on the best dressed at the Oscar part that Elton john annually has as a fund raiser for AIDS. This year it’s reported that the fund raiser successfully raised $5.1 million for his AIDS Foundation!

Getting back to the topic of best dressed, I was really intrigued by how the Kardashian sisters and of course their momager Kris Jenner were dressed for the event.

  • The Kardashian sisters: I’m not being partial but I do love the Kardashian sisters. I feel that they were the highlights of the event and all 3 were dressed well and their makeup was on point! I loved Kim’s look especially. With the classic red lips and the neutral eyes with tons of mascara! She looked really well made up.

My favorite dress has to be the one Khloe wore. It was a mermaid dress and hugged her figure perfectly!

  • Heidi Klum: I loved her dress. Not so much her makeup though she did look great.

I just hated Britney’s dress but I was impressed with her Smokey eye which I recreated and will be posting up soon!

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