Thursday, February 13, 2014

Website review: / Hair Extensions review

Website review: / Hair Extensions review

Hey “BD beauties”!!

How’s is your week going so far? I have been really pumped on getting back posts on the blog after the break. Today I’m going to review the online store called . They gave let me choose an item off their site and I choose a set of hairextensions to review.


More about

Just looking at the site right off the back I can understand that the prices for all the items are literally the lowest I find on the internet. There are a few sites that sell the same exact items for almost 5 times the price with expensive shipping on top of that but dresslily is the place you will get a bargain.
They also have a free shipping section in the website where you have a huge variety of items with absolutely no shipping cost.

The site has clothing, shoes, accessories, bags and jewelry.

Review of the hair extensions

I have always wanted to try hair extensions but they are just super expensive. Good quality extensions can cost up to $150. This site had extensions but without human hair. This means you can use heat on it or dye the hair. I still went ahead and choose them and I have to say I’m pretty impressed. The hair extensions blend in really well with my natural hair without looking plastic like. I do still have a few complaints which were that they had a lot of shedding and that they easily get tangled so you need to be aware of that.
These are the type of extension that would look great for a simple pony tail or braid or even an updo but not for those complex hairstyles when you might need heat in the process. The extensions cost just $15.81 which I feel is a good price for this set. The clips are pretty secure and don’t damage your natural hair in the process.

You can Buy these extensions HERE


More photos

Item provided for review. 100% honest opinion

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