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How to get rid of Age spots / Liver spots

How to get rid of Age spots / Liver spots

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Age spots is something I have not spoken about in my blog yet mainly because I don’t have that issue but I though I give a little overview of a few things you can do to cure them. How to prevent/ remove age spots are main concerns for allot of women young and old. How to get rid of spots is what this post is going to tell you. However, many people misunderstand age spots with dark parches on skin. The latter is just hyper pigmentation that could be genetic of due to some skin condition.

Here are few ways to get rid of age spots:

The best ways to prevent age spots are to avoid sun exposure, particularly sunbathing, and use sunscreen regularly (SPF 15 or higher).
However, this will not get rid of age spots you already have. 

To reduce and fade the appearance of age spots, see your family doctor or dermatologist. He or she can recommend a prescription or over-the-counter skin cream containing alpha-hydroxy or retinoic acid.
If you use alpha-hydroxy or retinoic acid creams make sure you put on sunscreen, because these creams contain chemicals that can increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun rays.

Laser treatment against age spots is another option. Although this method of treatment is more expensive, it does offer immediate result

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