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NARS Highlighting Blush Powder in Albatross Review, Swatches and Photos

NARS Highlighting Blush Powder in Albatross Review, Swatches and Photos

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Hey “BD beauties”!

This is going to be a review of the infamous highlighter in the makeup industry called the NARS Albatross highlighter. You may have seen this used on Kim kardashian for her lovely golden glow if you’re not convinced yet. The highlighter costs £21.50 HERE


What does NARS say about this product?

Highlighting blush by NARS. Featuring a powder finish loaded with shimmer, the multipurpose blusher is ideal for adding a highlight to your face, neck and d├ęcolletage.
About NARS: Providing all the tools to create the ultimate statement lip and flawless base; make-up brand NARS offer a sophisticated collection of lipsticks, eye shadows and blushers, neatly packaged in the signature, sleek, black compact. Combining the latest imaginative techniques with high quality finishes, the range offers everything from old school glamour to futuristic styles.

My experience with this product

If you do not know yet highlighters are one of my most favourite makeup products so of course this needs to be on the top of the list right? RIGHT! Before trying this I tried the Elf cosmetics dupe for this which is their studio blush in ‘gotta glow’ it has the same look to it but I was disappointed with one thing with it which were the chunky shimmers. I was hoping that the NARS version would out do the bad points I had with this and yes it did.

The NARS Albatross highlighter has a golden glow to it which makes this highlighter absolutely stunning on medium to darker skin tones of course pale skin tones can rock it too but a tan would make this shade stand out a lot. It doesn’t have any glitters or chunky particles distracting the glow that this gives you.
However one thing I have to say for any powder highlighter is that you should avoid it if you have dry skin since talc in makeup accentuates dry skin and doesn’t look pretty at all. If you do have dry skin opt for a liquid highlighter.

The longevity on this product is close to 5 to 6 hours. To e honest I do see it on my cheekbones after a long event too. The best thing about this product is how well it lends into your skin rather than just sitting on top. The NARS Albatross highlighter doesn’t have any funky scent to it. The packaging is the signature NARS packaging with velvet like finish to it like I mentioned in the review of the NARS blush in super orgasm.

What’s great about the NARS Highlighting Blush Powder in Albatross?

  • Versatile on all skin tones
  • Gives a nice glow
  • Doesn’t have chunky glitters
  • Lasts long
  • Blends in well with the foundation

What’s great about the NARS Highlighting Blush Powder in Albatross?

  • Doesn’t go well for dried skin
  • Packaging can get messy

Overall verdict

You need this in your life! Especially if you’re a medium skin tone. It really brings out the features correctly and blends well with the rest of your makeup without any glitters.




  1. Nyc review! I love this highlighter Thanks for sharing <3

  2. great review Jeeshan and I really want a highlighter :) Would look out for this!!

  3. Oh my. I heard so many good things about this highlighter.


  4. wow!! Its soo great. I skipped a breath, looking at the swatch.:)

  5. this looks good! love the fact that it's great for medium skin tones! :D

    Animated Confessions

  6. This highlighter looking good dear :) Nice Review


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