Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How to Reduce Puffy eyes/ Causes, Remedies

Hey “BD beauties”!

Puffy eyes can be called tired eyes, swollen eyes or eye bags these are a huge issues to some people and can get really serious too! What causes puffy eyes is always a question that many of you might have if you do get them often; the reasons why it could occur are allergies, lack of sleep, stress and even poor diet. If you consume lots of sodium, you might have this issue too. How to reduce puffy eye? The remedies for puffy eyes go in line with those for dark under eyes too.

The typical remedy for puffy eyes is the ice cube method where you basically hold the cue against your puffy eyes for a couple of seconds.

Limit your sodium intake. Excess sodium makes your body bloat and most of the time makes you gain extra weight too. This is the case with under eyes.

It’s vital to clean your system. You can simply do this by drinking lots of water. This will flush out any toxins in your body.

Vitamin e cream. Vitamin E cream is great for you’re under eyes. They not only reduce discoloration overtime but also helps with this issue.

Eye masks. You may find a lot of these which you could pop in the freezer then pop it onto your eyes and this will cool down your eye area.

If you’re wondering about the steps to take when covering under eyes bags with makeup, here are steps:

  • Prep you’re under eye area with eye cream. You need to have your under eye well moisturized.
  • Correct you’re under eye darkness with a peach correcting concealer.
  • If you have bags, take a concealer much lighter than your skin tone and draw on the perimeter of your eye bag. What this does is conceal the shadows your eye bags are causing thus make them look nonexistent.
  • Top it all up with a concealer of your skin tone and powder the whole area. Keep in mind that in each step you need to use minimal product and use tapping motions to do the work.



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