Monday, October 28, 2013

Update: Where have I been?!

Hey "BD beauties"!

First of let me start out with a huge apology for not being active on the blog. This is because I have exams coming up in november and its hard for me to balance it out with blogging. I will be posting whever I can until then. But will get back into the usual regimen by November 23rd.

I also have an idea for a giveaway so stay tuned for that :) Take care and please pray for me to do well in my exams :)



  1. All the Best Jeeshan!! Hope you do well in the exams!
    take care!!

  2. All the best Jeeshan..a very warm hug and lotsa love to you!!

  3. Take care dear. Goodluck with your exams.


  4. Hi! I I invite to take part in my giveaway -

    I'll surely follow you. I'll be glad if you follow me too )


Thank you all for appreciating and giving me your comments! it does give me a huge encouragement to keep blogging :)

xx Jeeshan

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