Monday, June 24, 2013


Hey “BD beauties”!

This post is going to be pretty amateur as i have never tried circle lenses before this and these were my first pairs! I had always wanted to try blue contacts so this was the perfect time! I received these from

Like I mentioned above blue was on that I was most interested in trying out so this was pretty exciting for me. So i rushed to my laptop and started browsing ways to care circle lenses and all that jazz. So basically after a whole day of soaking the lenses in the lense solution, i trued them on; of course it takes me about half an hour to pop one in concerning this being my first time. It did irritate the first time but the second wear onwards it felt perfectly fine. I do however recommend not having them on for more than 7 hours as it may constrain your eyes and make them dry. As for the colours the blue one appeared darker since I have dark brown eyes but with flash it looked gorgeous!

These were a lot bigger as you can see they are 14mm which is perfect if you want doll like eyes. The colour again looks darker on my eyes but its the perfect tones mixed in it. I didn’t find any difficulty putting them on after my 4th or 5th try. I also received the contact lense case with them which made it a lot more convenient rather than me having to find those separately. Of course you got to be careful in choosing a source to purchase your contacts as you got only one pair of eyes and you got to treat them well. This site is safe and has good quality lenses.

Hope you enjoyed the short review!

Xoxo Jeeshan

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