Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tutorial: Traditional Indian bridal eye look

Hi everyone!

This is going to be another one of the eye tutorials I have been posting these days and this would be of great interest as it’s a look for a traditional Indian bride! When you think of Indian brides, you think gold’s, reds and berry’s! At least I do J so this tutorial is inspired by that ‘thought’ of mine! Also in this look i will be including the ‘foiling’ method.
So let’s get started girls!

What you would need
  • Eye shadow primer
  • A rich gold eye shadow
  • A neutral dark brown shade
  • Berry shade
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara and false lashes

Step 1

Prime your lids first and then wet a brush and pick up the gold shade and apply all over your lid and stop right below the crease. Foiling your eye shadow makes the colour being foiled look bright! I particularly love it because it gives a soothing feeling for my eye lids: D also drag in a little of the gold in the lower lash line.

Step 2

Take that dark brown shade on a lending brush and swipe it over the crease going into 3 quarter of your eye crease leaving the inner part empty. This gives depth and also blends the harsh lines the gold has left behind.
Step 3

Pick up the berry shade on a fluffy lending brush and feather the shade over the crease DO NOT GO TOO FAR UP. Also smudge the lower lashline with the berry shade with a mixture of the dark brown shade. This is just to give a soft transition. The gold is the colour that has to pop in the overall look J

Step 4

Line your eyes and add mascara. Make a thin winged liner and flick the end. If you have bigger lids, make the winged liner a tad it thicker!

Step 5

Your look is almost done! Pop on some falsies to complete the look. As you would have seen in my previous looks, I use half lashes a lot for comfort!

That’s it girls! That’s the traditional Indian bridal look. This look is definitely not just for brides. It could be a great look to pair with a sari or any Indian outfit with golden accents.
Hope you enjoyed the look J


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