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The BEST nail polish remover ever!

Hey “BD beauties”!

Are you one of me who have a hard time removing nail polish off fully? Worse case is trying to get glitter polish off! I have also considered using pure acetone although it’s the post harmful substance you can put on your nails! But thankfully i cam across this product! It’s a remover in pad form. It has 32 pads in it and removes nail polish like a BOSS. I got mine off of eBay but i believe sells them as well!

The BEST nail polish remover ever!

My experience with the product.

Well obviously when i purchased it, I had no clue about how it would work and that it would end up being one of my favourite products! These pads come in various different scents like grape, orange, rose etc; the one I got was in rose. The pads are moistened in some sort of oil like substance (don’t know what it is exactly) but doesn’t feel oily what so ever after you wash your hands. Depending on the type of nail polish I’m wearing, I place the pad soaked on my entire nail for a few minutes and the slowly slide it. It takes two swipes like this to get the entire product off which is fab considering the amount of time I rub with regular nail polish.

The BEST nail polish remover ever!

The BEST nail polish remover ever!

Usage: The best part is you only need one pad for all over 10 fingers! Can you believe that? As long as the oil is there, you don’t have to change pads. However if its fills with color then you better change it.

Packaging: the pads come in a round container like those lip balm tins with a twist on cap. It’s made with plastic so it’s sure light weight and safe too. However I find that I struggle to separate each pad as they are stacked over each other.
Longevity of the product: the product can be kept for a very long time! I have had mine for about 8 months now and I don’t see any signs of it drying out. Yes 32 pads lasted me for 8 months: P I wear nail polish only in that time of the month ;)

How i use it

I place the pad on my nail for about 6 seconds until the nail is well wet with the substance and then I slide the pad outwards. It removes most of the product the first time itself but I find myself needing to do it twice. I suggest you keep it longer if you have glitter polish or some nail art material like rhinestones used.
I also find that it removes acrylic tips as well! But for this, I wet the nail for about 2 minutes. You can see me wearing acrylic tips HERE.

After one swipe

After two swipes

What’s great about this product?
  • Removes nail polish faster
  • Only one pad is needed for all 10 nails
  • Doesn’t dry out over time
  • Removes nail glue etc
  • Durable packaging
  • Extremely cheap!

What’s not so great?
  • Pads are hard to separate
  • Although packaging is light weight, it may break if you put something heavy over it.

Overall verdict

Great product! I would definitely suggest you try out. It does the job perfectly and so far the best nail polish remover in my opinion! If you’re on the go and don’t have time to remove nail polish, you can carry it around as well.
Hope you try the product out!

Xoxo Jeeshan

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  1. Hey lovely post! I too wear nail paints mostly in that time the month!


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