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DIY natural moisturizers

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DIY’s or Do It Yourselves are a common area of interests in the beauty world these days! I personally love them and always opt to watch those kinds of videos of read articles. It’s pretty interesting to see how you can create beauty products that work just as well or even better just in the comfort of your homes! There are DIY’S ranging from makeup products to various other tiny projects!

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Today’s topic would be natural moisturizers! It’s quite essential to keep your skin hydrated may it e your face hands or legs. Drinking water is definitely important as well as moisturizing from the outside. Dryness would e caused by various factors like over washing, using harsh chemicals, season changes etc! But the solutions available are numerous. You do not always buy those expensive products that would work but cost a fortune to keep buying once over. Let me tell you about a few natural moisturizers that would help you before heading over to the DIY’s

Olive oil: Great natural oil that’s an all rounder may it be cooking, massaging your hair or even a body massage, olive oil works. Rub it over your dry areas after you shower and while your skin is damp so the moisture is locked it.
Vaseline: it’s not natural but it’s a great product that works for dry patches. But e sure to get the original petroleum jelly as there are enough of fakes out there J
Aloe Vera gel: It’s worth growing an aloe Vera plant if you have dry skin all the time. Cut a leaf of the aloe Vera plant the use it partially keep it in the fridge this is a soothing and great moisturizer for your skin even your hair.

DIY Moisturizers!

  • Include equal parts of tomato juice, lemon and glycerine and rub it onto your hands for about 5 minutes. This soothes your hands, removes stains and also hydrates. Wash off once done.
  • Mix in one table spoon of granulated sugar with a few drops of castor oil and lemon juice and scrub your hands with it. This will exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells and also hydrate at the same time.

  • Honey is a great moisturizer too! Rub honey and massage in your hands and rinse off after 10 minutes
  • Beat an egg yolk and massage it in your hands for as long as you think you need and rinse it off well. And i mean rinse it off real good J

Hope this helped J

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