Tuesday, March 19, 2013

10 Beauty tips you never knew

Hey BD beauties!

This post is going to be a fun and interesting one! I love reading random beauty tips and tricks as these are really the small things that make huge differences! Today’s article is going to be one as such. So sit back and enjoy girls!

10 Beauty tips you never knew

Beauty tip 1 always remove any makeup off before bed as sleeping with it on, can make you age up to 7 times faster.

Beauty tip 2 to avoid the lipstick appear true to colour, apply some concealer over your lips before applying the colour. This basically covers your pigmented lips.

Beauty tip 3 use a BB cream that’s a couple shades lighter than your natural skin tone to cover up your flaws.

Beauty tip 4 makeup brushes are reusable but not sponges. Although it may claim so, it’s one product that collects bacteria faster thus makes you break out.

Beauty tip 5 cleaning your makeup brushes? Use baby shampoo instead of those expensive brush cleansers that break your wallet! Baby shampoo is way cheaper and gentler on your brushes.

Beauty tip 6 top coats and base coats are not the same and they cannot be used for each other’s purposes.

Beauty tip 7 if your nail polish is staining your nail, try a base coat with nail strengthening properties instead.

Beauty tip 8 consuming more sugar doesn’t give you pimples instead what they give is wrinkles! Yes, consumption of sugar breaks down collagen thus giving wrinkles.

Beauty tip 9 the purpose of a lip liner is not only lining your lips. But instead its best used as a base for your lipstick so that your lipstick wears longer. So don’t forget to fill in your lips with a lip liner!

Beauty tip 10 use a little toothpaste over your pimple overnight to reduce the redness.

Hope this was a little exciting for you girls and you learnt a little as well ;)

Xoxo Jeeshan

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