Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tips on getting glowing & radiant complexion

Glowing skin is a wonderful asset to have. Dry and flaky skin can be annoying and ugly.How to get glowing skin? I have gathered a few quick tips to get glowing skin. Some of them are very well known to have worked.

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 Drink plenty of water! Yes you would have heard this ton of times but its true! Make sure you drink purified water. If your not sure about the source of your drinking water, boil it and let it cool. Drinking water flushes out toxins from your body leaving you with a clean system does a hydrated face.
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Avoid oily foods. This helps for skin as well as to maintain a healthy body weight. Oily food also contributes to acne so avoiding it gives a lot of benefits
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Avoid smoking. Smoking locks your vessels not letting oxygen to travel freely thus your skin doesn’t get the oxygen it needs thus letting bacteria breathe.
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Don’t scrub or irritate your face. Scrubbing will only worsen anything acne is created due to hormonal changes and also bacteria.

Coconut milk is a great natural moisturizer. Mix in coconut milk with sandalwood powder creating a paste. Apply it over your face and leave it for about 20 minutes and rise it off. Do this about twice a week and you will definitely see a difference.

Coconut oil. Use it do treat dry skin. If you have flaky skin, massage coconut oil into your skin gently and leave it over night. This is also great for dried hands and legs.
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Exfoliate often! When dry skin is formed and left untreated it builds up creating layers above your fresh skin. This covers your pores. Removing these layers of dry skin is vital. Use a face brush or an exfoliating cleanser to remove this.

Avocado and honey mask! This is something i have personally tried and works wonders! Mash in avocado and mix in with a couple of teaspoon of honey to make a facial pack. Apply this and leave it for 10 minutes. Avocado has good fats that hydrate the skin keeping it glowing and healthy.

Hope this helped you.
Thank you for spending your time and reading :)

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  1. Nice post. These are good and important tips for skin. Drinking more water is very useful remedy. To get glowing skin also take collagen builder supplement.


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