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Tips on buying jewelery from eBay

Hey “BD beauties”!

Many of you might already know how all my hauls include at least one thing from eBay that is because I’m literally obsessed with the amazing prices they have and the various options from many sellers. You can also get the best deals by comparing prices to get the most out of your purchase! I have been purchasing jewellery off eBay since last year and have never bought anything from stores ever since!

A little about eBay (if you don’t know)

EBay is a an online market place where buyers can meet sellers and make orders at competitive prices as opposed to the retail prices. This site is also a great place to purchase items that retail websites cannot ship to your country or even discontinued products.

The popularity of sellers come from the feedback left by the buyers. Thus this makes eBay a safe place to purchase products from. It’s also protected by eBay buyer policy and PayPal policies (if you pay through PayPal) thus adding to the safety of buying experience.

Tips on buying jewellery from eBay (Hong Kong and Chinese sellers)

  • Don’t just buy because you like the item. Do some research around the site to find the seller with the lowest price. For this all you got to do is copy the item title and paste it on eBay search. This will show the same item from other sellers too thus you can then choose the lowest price.

  • Always choose the option top show items with free shipping. About 95% of the Hong Kong sellers have free shipping on jewellery so it’s definitely not worth you buying from sellers charging you shipping.

  • Check the feedback score of the seller. I recommend not purchasing from any seller with feedback score less than 98% this is because the negative feedbacks are usually from sellers not shipping, seller not being responsible for lost packages or even sellers not responding to issues that buyers have with their purchase.

  • When finding for jewellery randomly I suggest you choose the option to show items with lowest shipping and price. This way you find the best deals.

  • Once you get your jewellery I highly suggest you coat the metal parts of your jewellery with a clear top coat nail varnish. This will prevent your jewellery item from turning bronzy and loosing the colour. If you do not do this trust me your jewellery will turn colour just in once use.

  • Keep an eye on measurements! It’s always great to buy rings with and adjustable band. This will make sure you won’t have issues in size as in my experience all the on size bands will only fit the skinniest of girls since Chinese girls are smaller in frame than others.

Overall views

Like I mentioned earlier in this post, I love buying jewellery from eBay! It’s a great place to find deals and you wouldn’t believe it following my tips you can get your jewellery at prices like $0.99 which is crazy! You would never even think about buying jewellery from boutiques. Il defiantly do more post such as buying clothes on eBay etc.

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  1. Ong those glasses are looking so cool. Loved the tips Jeeshan ♥♥♥

  2. Loved all the accessories very much jees Enjoy dear :D

  3. Great post

  4. I also do these sort of accessories shopping from ebay :) Your accessories above are soooo lovely dear.
    But here, your are talking about or ?

  5. Hello..
    Wow..! Nice imitation jewelry collection. All given tips are very useful and informative…Online Shopping stores, ecommerce playing really a very important part in today's busy scenario. Thanks for sharing all this information with us..


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